Dustykid Alphabet & Vocabulary Flashcards

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Let’s start learning English with 26 alphabets! A set of 52 beautifully illustrated alphabet flashcards designed by Dustykid!

・Includes 26 uppercase & lowercase letters

・Features different associated vocabularies

・Colourful and adorable illustrations

・Each alphabet in bold letter – Easy to read and learn




書度 11 cm X 11 cm

頁數 : 52

釘裝 : 平裝(字卡)

Rap Chan陳塵

陳塵Rap Chan,生於香港,明白文字具有治癒力後,決心透過心靈傾訴對象「塵」作終生代言,透過其燦爛笑容掩飾各種肉麻哲理。